Expert shares top tips to fight fatigue

fight fatigue

Young adults, particularly those aged 18-24 years, are at the forefront of this ‘exhaustion epidemic’, operating at a mere 43% of their energy potential. Unhealthy eating habits among this age group was reported as a key contributing factor that drained energy, highlighting a need for lifestyle changes.

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Getting enough sleep and sleeping well is hugely important for health. Ongoing sleep problems can lead to a multitude of problems, including poor concentration, memory lapses, irritability, fatigue, dull skin and weight gain.

Relax & Recalibrate in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the city where nature and technology collide, is a great destination for relaxation. From spa treatments that rejuvenate the body to hikes that renew the mind, the region has a plethora of calming activities that are good for the mind, body and soul. The only far-infrared sauna in Hong Kong The Island Shangri-La is the […]

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