Myndstream’s Scientifically Validated “Fast Asleep” Album


Up to 70% of today’s population, labelled the ‘Tired Generation’, struggle with sleep*. Achieving a great night’s sleep is a goal many of us pursue but few claim to have achieved. However, a new study has revealed that obtaining a good night’s rest could be as simple as hitting play. Myndstream, the leading provider of […]

The Benefits of Lavender on Enhancing Sleep Quality

lavender for sleep

Urtekram’s Soothing Lavender collection incorporate all these benefits, not only leaving you smelling wonderful but will leave you so calm that you might end up having soothing dreams of fragrant flowers swaying in the warm breeze. 

Six expert tips to help you sleep when the clocks go forward

tips to help you sleep

It’s that time of year again – on 31st March, we’ll all turn the clocks forward one hour and welcome the longer and brighter days of summer. However, the clock change means a sudden shift in the daylight exposure, something which is essential for our internal body clock to maintain a 24-hour rhythm track.

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