Scientists Use Wearable Technology to Detect Stress Levels During Sleep

What if changes in a person’s stress levels could be detected while they sleep using wearable devices? A new study by University of Vermont researchers published today in PLOS Digital Health is the first to find changes in perceived stress levels reflected in sleep data—an important step towards identifying biomarkers that may help flag individuals in need of support.  

The surprising impact your sleep position has on gut health

gut health and sleep

A recent study revealed that gut bacteria can directly influence sleep quality and even increase the risk of insomnia. With this in mind, the sleep experts at Happy Beds have delved into how sleeping on your left side can improve your gut health. 

When to replace your pillow

When to replace your pillow

This research was uncovered by Happy Beds when analysing the results of their bedding calculator survey. Happy Beds has revealed the most shocking findings from the results and provided expert guidance on the ideal methods and timing for cleaning or replacing your bedding.

Reset Your Sleep Habits This Spring

Reset Your Sleep Habits

Catherine Morris, Managing Director of Tielle Love Luxury, is using her many years of experience in the luxury linen industry to call on people to reset their sleeping habits and reap the health benefits this Spring.


Amidst reports revealing that 30% of Britons grapple with sleep disorders, the critical role of sufficient restorative sleep in enhancing mental and physical health comes to the forefront. 

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