States Worth Travelling to for Better Sleep

Travelling for Better Sleep

Wyoming tops the list of the best US states for sleep, with a normalized score of 1. People of this state are the least interested in insomnia-related searches, while the quality of life is ranked second highest on the list. This combination of factors places Wyoming at the forefront as an ideal location for restful sleep in the U.S.

Vermont is the second state on the list for having a good night’s sleep, with a composite score of 1.37. The obesity percentage is the lowest in this state, and the interest in insomnia-related searches is the second lowest, surpassed only by Wyoming.

Alaska ranks third on the list of the best US states for sleep, with a total score of 1.41. This state follows the previous two in terms of low interest in insomnia-related searches, indicating that fewer people in this state are looking to improve their sleep.

South Dakota is ranked fourth on the list, achieving a total score of 1.63. Considering all the evaluated metrics, this state stands out due to its exceptionally low rate of depression among the top ten states, which is significant as depression can profoundly impact sleep quality.

North Dakota comes fifth on the list of the best US states for sleep, generating a composite score of 1.66. The depression rate in this state is the third lowest, surpassed only by South Dakota and Delaware.

Montana holds the sixth position on the list, with a total score of 1.93. 
Based on the gathered metrics, this state shows the second-best air quality among the top 10 states,  positioning it as the sixth state for sleep in the United States, since air quality is crucial for a good night’s sleep and overall health.

Delaware is the seventh-best state for sleep, achieving a composite score of 2.19. The depression rate is the second lowest on the list, only surpassed by South Dakota. Meanwhile, the air quality ranks third best among the states considered.

Maine is eighth on the list of top US states for sleep, with a score of 2.39. It has the cleanest air and the third-best quality of life, only behind Wyoming and New Hampshire.

Rhode Island is the ninth-best state for a good night’s sleep, with a composite score of 2.43. This state has the second-lowest obesity rate, which is significant because lower obesity levels are often associated with better sleep quality and fewer sleep disturbances.

New Hampshire closes the list of top US states for sleep, with a total score of 2.60. The quality of life in this state is the best, while the obesity level is quite low as well, surpassed only by Rhode Island and Vermont.

StateQualityOfLifeTotalScoreInsomnia searches on GKPAir Quality IndexDepression IndexObesity percentageNormalized Score
South Dakota53.1382002617.238.41.63
North Dakota54.1783002119.935.21.66
Rhode Island51.65106002324.130.12.43
New Hampshire58.25111003025.130.62.60

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