Ever wished the iconic voices of the big screen could read you a bedtime story? Well now with a new soundalike service they can. This World Sleep Day on 15 March, Travelodge, the UK’s first budget hotel chain, with 600 hotels across the UK, Ireland and Spain, is launching a brand new sleep service, Bedtime Snories, bringing the most iconic and soothing voices from showbiz straight to your bedside to help send you into a blissful slumber.   

Bedtime Snories, voiced by talented celebrity impressionist Charlie Hopkinson, features seven well known lullabies including The Owl & the Pussycat, Twinkle Twinkle, Humpty Dumpty and Incy Wincy Spider delivered in the style of Morgan Freeman known for his deep and distinctive voice, instantly recognisable national treasure Sir David Attenborough and Sir Michael Caine’s cockney cadence. 

Travelodge is delivering this snoozy service to the nation as it’s revealed that the Great British public struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Newly commissioned research by Travelodge showed 57% of us say we’re not getting enough sleep. 

The importance of a good night’s sleep on our ability to function properly and enjoy the day ahead is well known, with the research confirming that 41% of Brits felt a lack of sleep was the number one way to ruin their day. Not being able to clear the mind (53%) and a partner snoring (21%) topped the list of things that keep us awake at night.  

The Chief Sleep Officer at Travelodge said, “You Snooze you lose? We certainly don’t think so. Nothing is as important to set you up well for the day ahead as a good night’s sleep, whatever your plans. 

“As part of our most significant brand transformation to date, we’re updating our hotel rooms to a more soothing colour palette, with wall art inspired by classic lullabies, adding blackout curtains and featuring our comfy, king size Travelodge Dreamer™ bed.  With this World Sleep Day offering, we’re taking Z’s to the next level – yet another reason you Better get a Travelodge! 

Travelodge also asked respondents what their top sleep hacks were – with reading (33%), meditation (15%) and watching TV to drop off (20%) topping the list. Some even admitted they sleep the wrong way around in the bed or hide the clock to help nod off! 

Travelodge worked with ex-school teacher and now full time comedian and impressionist Charlie Hopkinson from West Yorkshire, known for his talent of impersonating the most famous voices to record the sleep inducing Bedtime Snories.  

The service is available to all via Travelodge’s YouTube channel, whether they’re staying at a Travelodge or just looking for a great night’s sleep at home. To watch or listen click here: but better still grab your headphones and snuggle down for a snooze. 

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