The UK’s most sleepless cities

sleepless cities

Recent UK noise complaint statistics from 2022/23 revealed a total of 11,338 complaints were received, with 10.95% of complaints being from commerce and leisure.

With more than 60% of Brits going on at least one night out a week, it is clear that nightlife is a huge part of British culture.  This inspired the experts at BonusFinder to scrape TripAdvisor to find the number of bars, pubs and clubs in each city as well as light pollution levels.

The UK Cities That Never Sleep

Experts at BonusFinder can exclusively reveal that Manchester comes in the top position for nighttime activities in the UK with a score of 9.49/10. The UK’s second largest city is known for conventional pubs and clubs in the well-known nightlife area of Deansgate and the trendier and alternative venues in the famous Northern Quarter. It boasts 22 pubs (per 100k people) alongside 54 clubs (per 100k people). If you want to have a flutter at the casino you will have (per 100k people) to choose from as well as dance clubs and discos (per 100k people). The vibrant city is producing artificial brightness 45 times the natural brightness of the sky, suggesting a lot of nighttime activity!

In second place is Newcastle upon Tyne (9.46/10), perhaps one of the cities most renowned for its boozy nightlife culture. It has 32 pubs (per 100k people) and an impressive 66 clubs (per 100k people). The most out of all the cities in the ranking. Whether you are after cheesy 80s disco in Flares or an eclectic mix at Digital nightclub with three separate floors all featuring different music genres, you won’t be short of choice. There are also 4 dance clubs and discos (per 100k people), with the city also boasting casinos (per 100k people). The Geordie city is producing artificial brightness 41 times the natural brightness of the sky.

In third place is Leeds (8.67/10) with 16 pubs (per 100k people) and 35 clubs (per 100k people), alongside 2 dance clubs and discos (per 100k people) and casinos (per 100k people). Legendary for its nightlife, the city is producing artificial brightness 43 times the natural brightness of the sky, the second most of all cities in the ranking. Given that the city is host to 48,000 students, many of the clubs are frequented predominantly by those going to the three universities in the city, including the HiFi club which has been voted the best nightclub in Leeds three times.

In fourth place is Nottingham (8.27/10) with 13 pubs (per 100k people) and 41 clubs (per 100k people), as well as dance clubs and discos (per 100k people) and casinos (per 100k people). Music lovers rejoice as there are plenty of options for you, including Rock City, Bodega, and JT Soar alongside the Motorpoint arena which all come alive come nighttime. The East Midlands city produces artificial brightness 28 times the natural brightness of the sky.

In fifth place is Glasgow (7.79/10)sixth place is Edinburgh (7.58/10) and seventh place is Blackpool (7.03/10).

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