This Scandinavian sleeping technique could save your relationship

A GENIUS Scandinavian sleeping technique could be the answer to banishing duvet-hogging – and it could even save your relationship!

The method in which partners have a single duvet each instead of sharing a larger cover has picked up traction on TikTok.

And experts agree that there are benefits to the technique as well as solving any wrap-and-roll issues that could cause friction.

Ashley Hainsworth of Bed Kingdom explained: “Having a duvet snatched off you in the middle of the night ruins your sleep cycle. 

“If it causes a row in the middle of the night it can cost you and your partner precious hours of slumber. It can also cause resentment between couples if you hold onto the frustration until the next day.”

Partners can often disagree on the perfect temperature in the bedroom, which can make agreeing on the best duvet tog rating. 

“Some people prefer to have a heavier duvet to keep them warm but others, who like to stay cool in the night, might prefer a thinner blanket,” said Mr Hainsworth.

“Separate duvets will also mean the other is not as disturbed if someone needs to get up in the night, or move the covers if they’re too warm.”

Sharing a bed with someone who tosses and turns throughout the night can also be detrimental on your sleep.

And it’s not just your relationship it can hinder, disruption to your sleep cycle can have a negative impact on your health. 

Bed Kingdom’s Mr Hainsworth said: “Deep sleep is important for mental and physical restoration. It improves your focus, keeps your immune system strong, increases heart health and reduces stress levels. 

“This Scandinavian practice could be one thing you can do to improve both yours and your partner’s health.”

If you’re concerned about the appearance of having two duvets on your bed, Mr Hainsworth assures that it doesn’t have to ruin the bedroom’s aesthetic.

He said: “You can still have matching bedding on your separate duvets, and you can also chuck a bedspread over the bed to maintain a cohesive look when you’re not using it. 

“But if duvet-hogging and sleep interruption is a constant issue for you and your partner, then this could be a great solution.”

Your surroundings and atmosphere in the bedroom also impact sleep.

Ashley said: “Sometimes, for no rhyme or reason, sleep eludes us. But our mental and physical health can be seriously compromised if we don’t give our bodies time to recover.

“Even something small like a light coming from your laptop across the room could make you subconsciously think about work and send you down a rabbit hole of your to-do list for the next day.

“Also consider lowering the temperature in your room. Your body needs to be one degree colder than it is during the day to have an uninterrupted sleep.”

Ashley advises to ensure your bed is comfortable, as one small niggle could keep you awake. Your room should be dark with minimal light or noise intrusion.  

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