Is your cluttered bedroom affecting your sleep?

cluttered bedroom

In a nation where a cluttered room mirrors a cluttered mind, Britain faces an impending epidemic as a recent survey unveils that over 90% of Brits confess to grappling with cluttered bedrooms.

Adding to the concern, findings from the nationwide study conducted by Bensons for Beds reveal that a staggering two-fifths (39%) of respondents rated their bedrooms with a ‘clutter score’ ranging from 7 to 10, painting a bleak picture of the state of bedrooms nationwide.

The research aims to understand the efforts taken to create a restful sleep environment throughout the UK in light of National Bed Month. 

What’s particularly disheartening is the prevalence of high clutter scores throughout the research, with the most common rating being 8 out of 10. Shockingly, 5% of participants awarded their bedrooms a maximum score of 10 on the clutter scale, highlighting a prevalent issue in UK households.

The results show that the burden of clutter weighs heavily on younger demographics, with Millennials and Gen Z bearing the brunt of clutter in their living spaces. However, there’s a glimmer of hope as clutter tends to diminish with age, with 25-34-year-olds reporting an average clutter score of 6.2 while those aged 65 and over average a score of 4.6.

When asked about the main reason for their cluttered bedrooms, almost a third (30%) said that they have too many belongings, while 1 in 5 (20%) said they lack the storage to keep their bedrooms from being cluttered. Further to this, 10% say they lack either the time or motivation to organise their bedrooms or declutter.

These findings highlight the urgent need for minimising belongings and creating sanctuaries conducive to restorative sleep. Rachel Marshall, Brand Manager for Bensons for Beds says, “Clutter in the bedroom can have a significant impact on our ability to unwind and achieve restful sleep. Research suggests that a cluttered environment can lead to increased stress levels and difficulty relaxing, ultimately hindering our ability to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. To optimise sleep quality, it’s essential to create a calm and clutter-free sleep environment. By decluttering our bedrooms and adopting organisation strategies, we can promote a sense of calm and tranquillity that is conducive to better sleep.”

Learn more about how a cluttered bedroom can impact your sleep with Bensons for Beds.

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