Mindful Bedroom Essentials with ESPA

Mindful Bedroom Essentials with ESPA

Create a self-care haven with ESPA’s mindful bedroom essentials, from a skincare moment to interiors created to transform your personal space into a wellbeing wonderland. Please find further information below.  

  1. ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy RRP £39.00 

An intensely hydrating overnight treatment mask. This luxurious formula leaves skin feeling replenished and looking radiant, whilst lulling you with comforting aromatics. 

Chicory Root Extract helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function, while Konjac Root and Hyaluronic Acid hydrate and smooth, and Vitamin C visibly boosts radiance. Encapsulated Lavender releases its soothing properties to caress the senses and the skin. 

Featuring a natural aromatherapy blend of Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender pure essential oils. 

  1. ESPA Dual-Ended Face Mask Applicator RRP £15.00 

Effortlessly apply your favourite ESPA face mask using this dual-ended tool for mess-free and hygienic application, achieving precise and more even coverage with less product waste. 

  1. ESPA Alabastros Bergamot & Jasmine Candle RRP £165.00 

An organic art piece made of precious alabaster stone. This elegant vessel houses ESPA’s Bergamot & Jasmine natural wax candle.  

A fresh, relaxing aromatherapy experience showcasing Bergamot, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. Harmonised with delicate Jasmine, ripe Citrus, and Mint. Completed with calming Pine and Vetiver. 

Revel in tactile splendour with the smooth, cool stone whilst admiring its natural patterns. Inhale our essential oil blend as the candle emits an ethereal glow against the alabaster. 

Each unique alabaster piece has been individually cut and polished. Every vessel is one of one, as each contains organically formed patterns and variations from the earth. 

We bring you the essence of ESPA in one stunning fragrance piece. 

  1. ESPA Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Starter Kit – Positivity RRP £95.00 

Your companion for modern living, the ESPA Aromatherapy Diffuser infuses the air around you with a beautiful aroma that scents your space and balances your mind and body with a mist to match your mood.  

Designed to accompany our sensorial collection of Signature Blends which harness the unique harmonising power of aromatherapy to nurture your wellbeing, whether you want to wind down and relax, improve your focus, lift your spirits or lull yourself to sleep, the diffuser’s ultrasonic vibrations humidify the atmosphere and disperse your choice of precious natural essential oils by releasing the perfect amount of fragrant vapour into your home.  

While you breathe in the benefits of the individual blends, use the diffuser’s light settings to cast a subtle glow over your room making it ideal as a nightlight, to create a calm, soothing ambience for meditation or just a way to signal some ‘me time 

  1. ESPA Restful Herbal Tea Infusion RRP £15.00 

This Restful Wellbeing Tea Infusion is a pillow soft blend that’s blissful at bedtime. As you settle down for the night, slowly sip on a delicious, naturally caffeine-free, herbal mix that draws on dreamy botanicals including Chamomile, Lavender, Oat Flowering Tops, Sage and Hops, and let the warm, sweet flavour and gentle aroma pull you towards sleep. 

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