Seven gross signs your room is infested with bedbugs

infested with bedbugs

Households are being told of seven warning signs which indicate their bedrooms are filled with unwanted creepy crawlies.

The experts at Online-Bedrooms have shared tell-tale signs that suggest a room is harbouring nasty bed bugs.

These tiny creatures can often be found nesting in the mattress but they can also be found in carpets, sofas and blankets.

Signs of their unnerving presence include splashes of blood, tiny eggs and a musty odour.

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms, said: “Finding bed bugs in your room is a real-life nightmare come true.

“The critters can be found all over the bedroom from the mattress to the carpet which is why it’s important to check every item of furniture in case they’ve creeped their way into the fabric.

“Some of the common signs which indicate their presence include dark patches on the wall and blood spots on bed sheets.

“Make sure to take preventive measures to remove their presence immediately if you notice any of these signs in your bedroom.”

Seven signs there may be bed bugs in your room:

  1. Blood

Bed bugs are easily squashed and when this happens, they tend to leave a lot of blood. If you notice any red patches in your sheets or around the seams of your mattress, they’ve likely been lurking around.

  1. Musty odour

The smell of bed bugs has an unsettling musty aroma which comes from their scent glands. Regularly check underneath the bed and on the mattress itself for a foul aroma.

  1. Eggs

An obvious sign of bedbugs is the eggs they surround themselves with. They’re typically around 1mm wide and can be found and have a pale-yellowish appearance. Any signs of eggs mean an infestation is likely.

  1. Morning itches 

If you’re waking up itching, then you could be sharing a bed with the nasty critters. Not all bite marks show up straight away which can explain the need for excessive scratching.

  1. Dark spots on walls

Bed bugs don’t just linger in the mattress, they also like to crawl up walls. If you notice dark spots along the walls it’s a sign that they’ve been lurking around.

  1. White spots on furniture

Bed bugs can commonly be found on other furniture such as sofas, bed frames, and clothing. Signs of their eggs are white spots among the furniture and other belongings.

  1. Red lumps

If you’ve woken up with red, itchy lumps around your body, it’s likely the critters have bitten you in the night. What makes bedbug bites distinct is how the bite patterns are usually grouped in a line, whereas other bugs such as mosquitoes and fleas don’t bite in this formation.

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