Tottenham Hotspur Partners Up With DUXIANA Beds

As Tottenham Hotspur continues to push for a place in Europe next season, the club has invested in the wellbeing of their players.

Recognising the significance of rest and recovery between tough Premier League matches they have initiated a partnership with DUXIANA, one of the world’s leading bedmakers.

This means the players have state-of-the-art beds installed in their homes to enhance the quality of their sleep which replicate the beds, called DUX 8008, already installed at The Lodge training ground in North London.

Defender Micky van de Ven, said:

“Sleeping is really important for your recovery, because the days are quite hard, to be honest, the training is quite hard. So when you have a good rest and a good sleep in the night, when of course you need a good bed, you have to be ready to go again the next day. And you have to be fully fit in the morning when you wake up. Not that you feel broken or you have some back pain. It’s really important that you have a good sleep. And I think rest is really important to go again the next day. When you go to Spurs Lodge, you sleep on the same bed as you do back home. When you lay down, it’s so comfortable, you feel like you’re really resting. I really love the bed. And what I hear from the guys is that the bed is top-class.”

“In the fast-paced world of professional football, where every pass, tackle, and goal counts, the importance of quality sleep cannot be overstated.”

DUXIANA’s beds are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, utilising premium materials to enhance the sleep experience by promoting longer, deeper rest. This commitment to quality has made them the preferred choice for elite athletes and individuals who value their overall well-being.

The mattress is the culmination of over 98 years of ongoing research and development. Its signature Pascal Customisable Support System allows you to tailor both sides of the bed, ensuring well-being for both occupants, regardless of their differences. Backing this innovative technology are their sustainable solutions. With a DUXIANA mattress, you are investing in experience and high quality.

Behind the scenes, Head of Medicine Geoff Scott, who oversees the player’s medical welfare said:

“The DUX bed is the best on the market, and here at Tottenham Hotspur, we are consistently looking to improve the facilities and products on offer to our players.

“The DUX bed is more than just a bed; it’s fully customisable system is a pivotal tool in assisting our players to achieve optimal recovery, with sleep playing a critical role. The DUX bed has further enhanced players’ ability to adapt to their rigorous schedule since being introduced into our state-of-the-art Lodge facility.”

“Our primary focus is on player well-being, particularly in terms of injury management and recovery strategies to optimise performance.”

“When we established our partnership with DUXIANA, our goal was to provide our players with the best possible environment for rest and recovery. The DUXIANA sleep system stood out for its customisability, ensuring each player receives personalised support for optimal sleep quality.”

“Investing in our players’ sleep quality is paramount.”

Sports scientist Geoff Scott added:

“Crafted for exceptional sleep quality, this mattress enables the body to softly sink into its layers, reducing motion and preventing disturbances to deep sleep. Offering ergonomic support and alleviating back pain, it guarantees uninterrupted rest, fostering improved concentration, sharper decision-making, and slowing down the ageing process.”

“We’ve witnessed first-hand the positive impact of the DUXIANA mattresses on our players’ recovery and performance. The professionalism and dedication of the DUXIANA team have been instrumental in implementing the sleep system both at The lodge and in our players’ homes. Our partnership with DUXIANA is not just about mattresses; it’s about fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.”

Midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg said:

“When you talk about sleep, when you talk about the importance of sleep, you also talk about the importance of recovery, the benefits; For me personally, I think sleep is very important because it makes you recover quicker, enables better focus, and allows you to train harder. From a holistic perspective, not just for sports but for life in general, sleeping well is key to performing well in life.”

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