7 Ways  to Make Money in Your Sleep

make money while you sleep

43% of the UKs workforce holds a side hustle, generating an average additional income of £900 per month. Often, a side hustle is passion project that a person dedicates several hours to however, a passive income ensures that a person can make money 24/7 – even when they are asleep. 

Here, Martin Seeley at Mattress Next Day presents 5 ways to make money in your sleep. 

Knowledge is Your Currency  

Are you an expert in your 9 to 5? If so, your knowledge could earn you extra money without the effort of a side hustle.  

Automated webinars can serve as a high-ticket service when used to offer training courses, coaching or ongoing tuition. Initially, several hours may need to be dedicated to its set up as you build your training documents however, once completed and the assets are a downloadable transaction, you will be able to earn money with every download – even as you sleep. 

(Drop)shipping in your Sleep 

Dropshipping is a model that is often unknown to a consumer however, it can serve as a valuable practice to those who want to earn big money as they sleep.  

Dropshipping guarantees that when a product is purchased on a website, its stocking, packing, and shipment is organised by a 3rd party. Although the products fulfilment outsourced, the seller chooses how it’s marketed and its price.  

The seller has limited involvement in the dropshipping process, meaning its easy generate an extra income – even as you sleep. 

A Space that Pays

UK households have earnt a combined 24 million pounds by renting out their driveways. London, Brighton, and Edinburgh are amongst the highest UK cities to rent out their driveways to commuters, tourists, and town visitors. Research from Compare the Market reveals that households can earn up to an extra £200 a month and when a 3rd party site to advertise their space, their income is 100% passive – ensuring that they cane gain bookings and earn money in their sleep. 

An Affiliate without the Influencer  

You don’t have to be an influencer to benefit from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you earn commission by selling a party’s product or service. Essentially, the affiliate shares a link or promo code, the customer clicks on the link or uses the code which is then tracked and the affiliate earns commission. You can promote your affiliate info on social media, your own podcast, service, or website. From then, every time your product converts a sale, you will be earning money – even in your sleep. 

Downloadable Imagery  

Downloadable imagery is growing in popularity as consumers use the service for wall art, wedding invitations, thank you cards and more. Downloading the imagery allows them to own the image in a way that ensures they can keep using it as many times as they like. 

Designing imagery that can then be sold on the likes of Etsy ensures that there is no postage or packaging needed for the seller, and that each sale requires no additional time after creating the image. The more imagery you make, the more likely you are to increase your income – even in your sleep. 

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