Avoid this viral plane sleep hack 

sleeping on a plane

Jet setters have been warned against following a viral aeroplane sleeping hack circulating online. 

Sleep experts at have revealed that the hack is unsafe and can increase the risk of back pain and blood clots. 

Over 60% of air travellers experience below-average or very poor sleep on flights, but a new online hack making the rounds on social media claims to have the answer. 

It involves the passenger putting their knees up and strapping the seatbelt buckle around their ankle.

This is said to make plane journeys more comfortable for travellers by keeping their bent legs in place as they doze off. 

Despite the hack being praised online, the experts are warning jet-setters not to copy the hack because of safety concerns. 

If the plane hits turbulence, having a seatbelt around the ankles isn’t enough to keep passengers secure. 

This can also cause a delayed response due to unbuckling and buckling in emergencies.  

Falling asleep in this position for an extended period could also lead to knee and hip pain, and tension in the back and make blood clots even more likely while flying. 

Rebecca Swain, a sleep expert at said: “Although people online are claiming the aeroplane seatbelt hack is a game-changer, I strongly recommend people steer clear. 

“Passengers who strap their ankles to a seat belt while travelling are putting themselves in more danger in the case of an emergency.  

“And although many are claiming it is a comfortable position to fall asleep in, it’s certainly not safe in the event of turbulence. 

“Sleeping in that position for a long period, especially on a long-haul flight, will also lead to aches and pains around the body, particularly in the knees, hips and back.

“It also throws off the alignment between your neck, spine and hips which can make your body feel even more tense when you step off the plane.

“Keeping your legs bent also restricts the flow of blood around the area which can make blood clots more likely too.

“Aside from the social stress, loud engine noises and small space, most people agree that sleeping on a plane is extremely difficult.

“Despite what you’re seeing online, this hack should be avoided. 

“Instead, invest in an eye mask and neck pillow to make the flight more comfortable, and try to get a seat by the window so you can rest against it.”

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