Enjoy Less Pollen with HayMax Lavender

haymax for hayfever

If you’re suffering with hay fever, HayMax Lavender organic allergen barrier balm could be the answer. HayMax Lavender contains lavender essential oils and has a beautiful scent of real lavender.

Lavender is renowned for its healing, calming and soothing properties and has been used for thousands of years for many things including allergies, snoring, insect repellent and its scent. Try using HayMax Lavender at night too, before retiring to bed. Not only will it block the pollen but it could help you relax and get a better night’s sleep.

All HayMax balms including HayMax Lavender act as a trap for allergens, so less pollen gets into your body. Everyone can tolerate a certain amount of pollen without reaction, but once this is exceeded – known as your ‘trigger level’ – an allergic reaction occurs. HayMax is applied around the rim of the nostrils and the bones of the eyes to trap pollen before it gets in the body, reducing your pollen load. It works by keeping you below your trigger level for longer.

Independent university studies by NPARU show that HayMax traps all types of grass and tree pollen [1] and that HayMax traps over a third of pollen before it enters the body, in addition to dust mite allergens and pet dander [2].

The balm is different from most other hay fever treatments and remedies, in that it seeks to stop pollen getting into the body before it can cause a reaction, rather than attempting to treat the symptoms or the effects of the pollen once they occur.  Prevention rather than cure.

HayMax is the original natural, organic, drug-free prevention for hay fever sufferers and is now in its 20th year. Leading the way for almost 2 decades, HayMax has now won over 60 awards, including for 2023 a Soil Association BOOM Award, British Made Award, Enterprise Award, BizzieBaby Award, Global 100 Award and Corporate America Today Annual Award.

HayMax is a simple idea, is simple to use and many people find it works so well and love it. That’s the magic of HayMax.

“I love HayMax Lavender, it is a summer essential. HayMax is a lifesaver!,” comments happy HayMax customer, Isobel.

With over 60 awards, doctors in the media regularly talking about it, glamorous Hollyoaks actress, Nadine Mulkerrin posting about it on Instagram, and Olympic athletes having used it successfully, it’s hardly surprising that people are hailing HayMax as their ‘lifesaver’.

As HayMax is drug-free and non-drowsy it’s suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women, children, drivers, machine operators, and won’t affect your performance at work, college, university, school, or during sports and exams.

HayMax Lavender organic drug-free allergen barrier balm has an rrp of £8.49 per pot and is available from independent chemists, pharmacists and health stores, Holland & Barrett, Ocado, on 01525 406600 and

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