Hologenix Partners with DAGi to Launch Sleepwear Line

DAGi to Launch Sleepwear Line

Turkish Underwear Apparel Brand Launches Sleep Sets Integrated with Hologenix’s Science-Backed Infrared Technology, CELLIANT

Hologenix, a pioneer in textile innovation, is announcing its inaugural product launch with DAGi, one of the leading underwear brands in Turkey. The brands have teamed up to introduce eco-friendly sleep sets that use Hologenix’s CELLIANT® Viscose, the first in-fiber sustainable viscose infrared (IR) solution that helps promote better sleep and faster recovery from physical fatigue.

CELLIANT technology converts body heat into infrared energy, increasing local circulation and cellular oxygenation. CELLIANT Viscose is a nature-based fabric, known for its sustainable raw material sourcing – one of their most environmentally responsible infrared carrier options on the market, a credit to the impressive efforts of partner Kelheim Fibres. The use of CELLIANT Viscose not only enhances the product’s comfort and wearability but also emphasizes the importance of creating environmentally responsible clothing.

“Our partnership with DAGi showcases our commitment to continuing our innovation and growth,” said Seth Casden, founder and CEO of Hologenix. “In order to support DAGi in this launch, we’ve formed a new mill partnership in Turkey. This strategic move allows us to deliver CELLIANT Viscose at the most affordable price, ensuring that our advanced textile technology contributes to the sustainability and efficiency of both local and global supply chain solutions to provide our partners with the most personalized options for their unique business needs. ”   

The new sleepwear line is designed for both men and women and is available in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large. It includes sets of T-shirts and shorts, as well as T-shirts and pants, all aimed at promoting a deeper, more restorative sleep. The variety of options and use of fabrics and innovative textile ingredients make this collection a must-have for anyone seeking to optimize their sleep and overall wellness. In creating this latest product, the two companies, combining technology and sleepwear, are helping to create a transformation in the sleep industry. 

“We have seen the global increase in stress levels and the profound impact this has on physical well-being,” said Erbil Yildrim, Art Director of DAGi. “We believe that CELLIANT aligns perfectly with our goal of promoting a restful night’s sleep. Better sleep leads to better energy levels and, ultimately, a higher quality of life. The unique properties of CELLIANT are known to speed recovery and increase sleep quality while also enhancing comfort, making them the right choice for anyone looking for the best sleep. We hope this is the first of many apparel products we launch with CELLIANT.”

The DAGi x CELLIANT pajama collection is available for purchase throughout Europe on the DAGi website

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