How to sleep on a camping trip 

sleep on a camping trip

First-time campers are being told to pitch their tent away from the wind to help get a good night’s sleep on their trip.

Sleep experts at have shared how to get a good quality rest while camping this summer.

They’re advising campers to pitch their tent with the entrance facing away from the wind to prevent cold draughts from entering.

Campers should also wait until getting into their sleeping bags before changing into night clothes to make sure the nightwear they’ll be sleeping in is dry and clean.

Rebecca Swain, mattress expert at WinstonsBeds said: “If you’re new to campaign you may be wondering how good of a sleep you’ll get.

“Sleeping somewhere new can be tricky so it’s important to make the experience as comfortable as possible. 

“Checking the weather before you go and packing sleeping masks and ear plugs are some of the things you can do to prepare for a good sleep.

“Where you decide to pitch your tent is also really important. Ideally you want your tent to be on flat and even ground.

“Aim to have the entrance to your tent facing away from the wind too. This will stop any cold air from being blown into your space making it even colder at night.”

How to sleep on a camping trip:

  1. Face your tent door away from the wind

When setting up your tent, try to position it so that the entrance is facing away from the wind. This will help prevent the cold air from blowing into your tent making it too cold to sleep in. 

  1. Be mindful where you pitch your tent

Aim to pitch your tent on flat and even ground for the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep. 

  1. Change your clothes just before getting into bed 

It’s worth waiting until the very last minute to change into your night clothes when camping. This way you can ensure you’re going to sleep in clean and dry clothes. 

  1. Set aside time to unwind

Exercising is a great way to get a good night’s sleep but hiking too close to bedtime could actually give you more energy rather than make you tired. Set aside a couple of hours to unwind, have dinner and read a book or enjoy the sunset.

  1. Block out noise

If the noise of animals and winds is likely to keep you awake, bring along some ear plugs just in case. You can also play some quiet white noise through a bluetooth speaker to help you drift off.

  1. Block out the light

Sunrise can be super early so you may want to pack a sleeping mask to help block out the light in the morning. 

  1. Check the temperature

Check the temperature before you head off on your journey so you can pack accordingly. If you’re expected to have a warm summer night you’ll want to pack a lightweight sleeping bag. At other times of the year the temperature can drop dramatically at night so you’ll want to opt for a thicker sleeping bag and some extra blankets.

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