Maslina Resort Launches its Brand-New Lavender Dreams Package

Maslina Resort lavender dreams

Hvar Island off the coast of Croatia is sometimes known by another name – Lavender Island. The perennial herb is celebrated annually on Hvar with a unique and enchanting Lavender Festival which will welcome visitors on the 12th and 13th of July, to visit the fragrant hills and see the spreading purple flowers in bloom. To celebrate Hvar Island’s lavender heritage, the five-star Maslina Resort is inviting guests to experience its Lavender Dreams package all season long, from 1st May to 15th October, with a three-night dreamy escape guided by the therapeutic powers of the sweet-smelling flower. 

Malina Resort’s Lavender Dreams celebrates the home-grown perennial herb, which is celebrated across the island for its unwavering ability to improve sleep quality, and its contribution to improved sleep patterns and increased time spent in deep or slow-wave sleep. The scent is associated with relaxation and stress reduction while aromatherapy using lavender essential oil has calming effects on the nervous system. Using lavender grown on the island, not only celebrates the herb but also aligns with Maslina’s mindful luxury ethos. A Relais & Chateaux property, Maslina Resort champions a philosophy of Mindful Luxury which immerses guests in holistic wellbeing with world-leading amenities adding the finishing touches to extraordinary experiences. 

On arrival, guests experiencing the Lavender Dreams will be greeted with a soothing lavender-infused welcome drink promoting wellness and relaxation, and a gift of lavender essential oil and lavender cookies in their suite. Meditation, massage, and sound healing, all utilising the properties of the lavender plant will all be included in the retreat, along with a 75-minute lavender-infused breathwork session held outdoors to reduce tension, negativity, and stress. 

Hvar’s annual lavender festival takes place in the beautiful village of Velo Grablje, which dates from the 14th century, a few short miles from the town of Hvar, the festival has both an educational and an entertaining character, which focuses on the cultivation of lavender, its history and the diverse products that derive from the plant, including its essential oil. The two days feature a fair that showcases local artisans, workshops, lectures, performances of traditional Croatian songs and dances, book presentations, and concerts. 

Since 1868 Hvar Island has been recognised as a centre for health with the founding of the Hvar Health Society, focused on wellbeing and recuperation and is known as the Healing Island for its clean and healthy sea air, with more than 600 wild medicinal, aromatic, and honey plant species, Hvar cherishes its powerful, therapeutic lavender plants. 

The Lavender Dreams package at Maslina Resort is available from 1st May to 15th October and prices start at €5254.25 per person for further information, please visit


Maslina Resort is a contemporary five-star resort on the Croatian Island of Hvar, located near Stari Grad, one of the oldest towns in the eastern Adriatic. In the spectacular Maslinica Bay, Maslina Resort is surrounded by olive groves and terraced vineyards and stretches across two hectares of lush pine forest overlooking the crystalline Adriatic Sea. Boasting 50 rooms and suites and three villas, Maslina Resort is a mindful luxury resort that holds wellness, family, culinary arts, cultural heritage, and authenticity as its core. 


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