Master Lucid Dreaming: Expert Reveals Your Step-By-Step Guide

Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever wished that you could control your dreams? Well, lucid dreaming enables you to become aware that you’re dreaming and take control, offering a unique and powerful experience.

Whether you’d like to soar blissfully through the sky, transport to a new location or carry out problem solving skills, the experts at Psychic Medium Chat have partnered with Brainworks Neurotherapy to offer their expertise and guidance on how to control your dreams through sleeping and breathing techniques.

Why does lucid dreaming happen? 

The term ‘lucid dreaming’ refers to a feeling of self-awareness during dreaming states. This phenomenon allows a person to understand that they are dreaming and capable of manipulating their own dreams.

Although research is continuously being carried out on the effects of lucid dreaming, current studies suggest that lucid dreaming occurs due to activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, typically during REM stages. 

Is it possible to increase the chances of lucid dreaming occurring? 

  1. Breathing techniques 

James Roy, Technical Director at Brainworks Neurotherapy states that breathing techniques can be one way to influence lucid dreaming.

Relaxation through deep breathing exercises can promote relaxation, which is a key factor in entering REM sleep, the stage where lucid dreaming occurs. By calming your mind and body before you sleep, you create an environment more likely to experience lucidity.”

“Practise inhaling slowly and deeply through your nose for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, and exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of 8. Aim to repeat this practice for several minutes to achieve relaxation.”

Increasing oxygen is also a breathing technique that increases the chances of experiencing lucid dreaming.”

“Techniques, such as the Wim Hof Method, involve cycles of deep breaths and breath holds, increasing oxygen levels in the blood and enhancing focus and mental clarity. This particular technique involves cycles of forceful inhales, breath holds and relaxed exhales, therefore it’s recommended to consult with resources on this method before trying it as it can have strong effects.”

“With all breathing techniques advised, it’s wise to focus on your breathing as this brings your attention inwards. This level of awareness can carry over into your dreams, making it easier to recognise dream signs and achieve lucidity.”

  1. Sleeping techniques 

As well as practising breathing techniques, various sleeping methods can be used to  increase the chances of lucid dreaming.

The mnemonic induction of lucid dreams involves training yourself to recognise dream signs and achieve lucidity within a dream. This process enables you to prime your mind to remember you’re dreaming when asleep. 

A second technique, ‘wake back to bed’ is also popular among those that want to achieve lucidity within dreams. This technique involves interrupting your REM cycle, the stage of sleep where lucid dreaming is most common and then going back to sleep, enabling you to be aware as you enter the REM stage. 

Another recommended practice is performing reality checks throughout the course of the day. A reality check is an action you can do in both waking life and dreaming to distinguish between the two. By regularly performing reality checks, you may find yourself doing them in your dreams and realise you’re dreaming. 

It’s also recommended to write in a sleep journal, as detailed records will allow you to recognise your dreams more clearly when you fall asleep, which in turn can help to trigger a lucid dream. 

What does the future of lucid dreaming look like? 

Lucid Dream Hotels 

The world’s first lucid dreaming hotel experience has recently opened in London, with London’s Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel boasting to shake up sleep tourism by offering an in-room lucid dreaming experience.

The hotel reportedly offers guests the chance to book a ‘room to dream’ option which contains a selection of lucid dream enhancing products, such as herbal tea, drops, pillow mist and instructions to lucid dream. 

As part of the hotel’s experience, you’re asked to create a designated dream plan and urged to strap yourself into a VR headset to fully experience the phenomenon. 

Wearable Headbands 

A start up company has announced that its innovative lucid-dream enabling device will be ready to launch in 2025. 

While the device is still in concept stages, plans suggest that EEG sensors will be placed around the Halo device whilst a remote connection to a smartphone gathers recorded data, which over time is used to improve the Halo device by inducing lucid dreaming. 

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