Reasons to use a facial night cream

facial night cream

Night creams are an essential part of a comprehensive skincare routine, offering numerous benefits that cater specifically to the needs of your skin while you sleep. Here are several compelling reasons to incorporate a night cream into your nightly regimen:

  1. Enhanced Hydration: During the night, your skin’s trans-epidermal water loss is higher, making it more susceptible to dehydration. Night creams are typically richer in texture and designed to deeply hydrate and lock in moisture, ensuring you wake up with plump, supple skin.
  2. Optimized Skin Repair and Regeneration: Your skin’s cell regeneration power peaks at night. Utilizing a night cream supports this natural process by providing essential nutrients and active ingredients that promote cell renewal and repair daily damage caused by environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.
  3. Anti-Aging Benefits: Many night creams contain powerful anti-aging ingredients such as retinol, peptides, and antioxidants that work effectively during the night when the skin is more receptive to absorption. These ingredients can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time, promoting a more youthful complexion.
  4. Soothing Effect: After a long day exposed to makeup, environmental pollutants, and other irritants, your skin deserves a soothing treatment. Night creams often contain calming ingredients like chamomile or bisabolol that help soothe inflammation and redness, aiding in overnight recovery.
  5. Prepares Skin for the Next Day: By deeply hydrating and repairing your skin overnight, a night cream ensures your skin is better prepared to face the next day’s challenges—be it makeup application or exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Incorporating a suitable night cream tailored to your specific skin concerns can significantly enhance your skincare routine’s effectiveness, leading to healthier-looking and more resilient skin over time.

Here are our favourite night cream products:

Night Recovery from Visible Youth

Combining our patented Hyoglass™ Technology with an active molecule extracted from White Lupin Seed, Butterfly Lavender extract and a retinol-like ingredient Intensive Night Recovery is a luxurious yet light cream which supplies a sustained level of moisture throughout the night and synchronises the skin’s biological clock.

– Boosts radiance and revitalises tired skin giving a youthful glow

– Instantly smooths and helps lessen the appearance of expression lines

– Improves the appearance of wrinkles and helps redensify skin

– Helps enhance the effectiveness of collagen

– Supports skin elasticity and structure to help tighten and tone


The CALM + RESTORE® Re-Hydrating Night Cream intensely moisturises sensitive skin, replenishing and helping to strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier as you sleep, for soothed skin in the morning. With ingredients including Prebiotic Oat, known to help soothe and repair skin by restoring its moisture, and Calming Feverfew, known for its anti-oxidant properties and for helping to calm skin, this rich and velvety formula is non greasy, fast absorbing, fragrance free and dermatologist tested.  

Kiss the Moon – GLOW Night-Time Body Cream, £36.00

This perfectly blissful night treat is Made with deeply moisturising Shea Butter & Mango Butter, whipped with rehydrating Orange Blossom Water and Kiss the Moon’s mood-reviving GLOW aromatherapy oils! Guaranteed to bring dry and dehydrated skin beautifully back to life while you are sleeping with the bonus of deep relaxation thanks to the unique oil blend.

Dr David Jack’s Good Night 

Good Night works hard while you sleep, regulating the metabolic and behavioural rhythms of your skin cells so that you wake up looking refreshed and radiant.

The reparative overnight formula features a 4th generation retinoid along with a unique peptide and antioxidant complex that boosts cellular repair and visibly reduces the signs of age.

The gentle granactive retinoid at the heart of Good Night works synergistically with niacinamide to prevent breakouts, stimulate collagen production and reduce hyperpigmentation. A blend of polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) brightens and smooths your complexion while hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and vitamin B5 hydrate, heal and nourish. Most importantly, our formula delivers the benefits of these powerhouse ingredients without causing irritation or compromising the skin’s protective barrier.

“I find that my patients tend to struggle with the unwanted side-effects of retinoids, which is often unnecessary with newer forms of Vitamin A, particularly when they are combined with other active ingredients. With my Good Night cream, I combined a gentle, non-drying retinoid with a number of synergistically active antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to support the skin as it renews.” – Dr.Jack

Ella & Jo Relax and Renew Night Cream, £44.00,

A real multi-tasking skin hero, this nourishing daily night cream contains a super blend of ingredients to stimulate skin renewal, plump out lines and wrinkles and hydrate and repair the skin while you sleep.


RRP £66 / 50ml / available via

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This night cream of dreams that leaves skin visibly glowing.  VOYA Dream Crème works to hydrate and soften skin while you sleep whilst the hydrating properties of Laminaria Digitata (Seaweed) improve skin’s firmness, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while Argan Kernel Oil leaves skin feeling nourished and smooth.

An excellent choice for spring skincare, VOYA Dream Crème offering hydration, firmness, nourishment, and overnight repair to help your skin transition smoothly and look its best as the seasons change.

 Nightly Renew Facial Cream £34

  • A sensorial night cream to detoxify, smooth and plump the skin using a sustainable Bio Retinol from the plant Bidens Pilosa, proven to increase elastin by 42% and collagen by 24%. 
  • Also used is Peony extract which detoxifies the skin, improves cellular vitality and the signs of ageing by boosting skin mitochondria while delivering a luminosity and glow boost. 
  • The hypnotic scent in Nightly Renew created by Givaudan has been scientifically proven to help you fall asleep more quickly, to enhance the quality of your sleep and to reduce the number of times you wake in the night.

Elemis Superfood Night Cream

Product URL:

The Elemis Superfood Night Cream (50ml) is a replenishing night cream that hydrates and restores the skin while you sleep. Formulated with a protective prebiotic and a concentrated blend of Quinoa Extract, Barley, and Sweet Almond Milk, it balances the skin’s nutrient levels.

Rice Bran Oil provides intense hydration whilst an essential oil blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Vetivert encourages relaxation. The complexion emerges smoother and softer with a healthy glow. Completely cruelty-free & vegan-friendly. To use, apply every evening to dry, cleansed skin. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly.

Makeup Revolution Revolution Pro Miracle Moisturising Night Cream 

Product URL:

The Revolution Pro Miracle Moisturising Night Serum (50ml) moisturises and restores skin with its combination of skin-friendly active ingredients producing healthy, smooth, and younger-looking skin overnight. Retinol stimulates natural Collagen production, effectively plumping and refreshing your complexion. Squalene optimises the skin’s natural moisture levels whilst Castor Oil enhances your natural glow. Vitamin E helps to maintain skin health and hydration, and Olive Tree Stem Cells combat the classic signs of skin ageing. Coenzyme Q10 helps to support the skin with repair and regeneration. Cruelty-free & vegan-friendly. For best results, apply daily as part of your nighttime routine to clean, dry skin.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Night Cream

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The Elemis Pro-Collagen Night Cream 50ml is an anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle night cream, clinically proven to assist the skin’s natural regeneration process. With Padina Pavonica, a unique marine algae, blended with Red Coral and Sesame and Avocado Oils, the sophisticated formulation produces a brighter, plumper complexion with increased skin elasticity. Nourishing oxygen levels, depleted in the skin by daily environmental factors – pollution and free-radical damage – are replenished, stimulating the skin’s cell structure to counter premature ageing and promote a radiant complexion. Completely cruelty-free & vegan-friendly. To use, warm a pea-sized amount between the palms every evening and smooth over the face.

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