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The world of self-care has taught us to take time and focus on our wellbeing. While this includes many aspects of our physical, emotional and mental health, one area that is often overlooked is eye care. And yet it impacts on all those other areas of life – including a good night’s sleep. 

From pollution to environmental stresses like air conditioning or wearing contact lenses, many things can cause dry eyes. Modern eyes are under pressure and with 50% of adults in the UK spending 11 hours or more a day* in front of a screen for work and play, it’s not surprising eyes are feeling the strain.  


If you’ve ever had broken sleep caused by dry, tired or irritated eyes, you’ll know how frustrating it can be and how it impacts on the rest of your day. Wearing make-up doesn’t seem to work when your eyes lack their sparkle.  

Wake up with refreshed and restored eyes with TheraTears® Dry Or Tired Overnight Restore eye drops. Using advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid technology, they repair, restore and protect your eye’s surface while you sleep. TheraTears® Dry Or Tired Overnight Restore eye drops work through the night to restore any lost moisture to your eyes. With this one-stop drop, you can start each day feeling bright-eyed and bushy tailed. 

Include TheraTears® in your self-care routine and give your eyes some therapy.  

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