Elevate Your Self-Care Game With The Power Of Chocolate

health benefits of chocolate

Do you enjoy chocolate for its flavour or because you love treating yourself? Many people feel guilty eating it because they believe it harms their health, but if consumed correctly, chocolate can actually elevate your self-care routine and boost your mental health.

Jason Vishnefske from Santa Barbara Chocolate discusses how chocolate can benefit your mind and body.

Eat The Right Kind Of Chocolate

Milk chocolate is high in added sugar, so if you eat lots of it, it can cause weight gain, Diabetes, and heart disease. White chocolate has the same problems, plus it’s also high in fat. 

In contrast, dark chocolate contains less sugar and is full of antioxidants, which protect your body from free radicals.

The Physical Benefits

According to Jason, ‘Dark chocolate relaxes your blood vessels, improving blood flow to the brain, and lowers your blood pressure. During digestion, it enhances the growth of good gut bacteria. This helps your body absorb nutrients and maintain a healthy metabolism.’

The high cacao content in dark chocolate helps stop insulin resistance, which causes high blood sugar levels. It also contains magnesium, which benefits the nerves, muscles, and immune system. Dark chocolate may also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, and strokes. 

The Psychological Benefits

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which enhance the part of the brain associated with memory and learning. Chocolate also contains caffeine, which reduces fatigue and makes you mentally alert. 

Jason says, ‘The magnesium content can reduce stress, improve focus, and help you sleep. Chocolate also boosts the production of endorphins, reducing pain and elevating your mood. Thanks to its serotonin and phenylethylamine content, it may also indirectly improve people’s libido.’ 

How To Eat Chocolate Wisely 

Jason advises, ‘Don’t snack on chocolate while watching television. Instead, limit your intake to one ounce of dark chocolate daily. While cheap milk chocolate doesn’t stop food cravings, a small amount of dark chocolate will. This can be a helpful tool to prevent unhealthy snacking, so you can eat a moderate amount each day with a clear conscience.’

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