How to create an allergy proof bedroom during hayfever season, by a sleep-expert

allergy proof bedroom

Hayfever affects nearly half (47%) of the world, which can significantly affect quality of life in the spring and summer months.

However, while the bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation, many people will be waking up with hayfever symptoms as we dive deeper into spring.

Dr Deborah Lee, sleep expert working Get Laid Beds, discusses how you can improve your sleep over spring-time.

allergy proof bedroom
  1. Shower Before Bed

“Ensuring that you have a shower before bed will mean that you remove any lingering pollen that you’ve brought in with you from the outdoors. A shower, including a good hair wash, will help get rid of the pollen that you’ve brought in with you, that may be stuck to you, causing symptoms such as itchy eyes and runny noses at night.”

  1. Keep the Windows Closed

“While we get deeper into the warmer months, I hope, a natural instinct would be to open the windows to let more air in. However, of course this is going to bring in more pollen from the outdoors. If you’re suffering with the heat this year, be sure to get a fan to use during the night, and keep those windows closed.

  1. Keep Pets Out of the Bedroom

“A lot of us love sleeping with our beloved pets, but they’re likely to be the ones getting pollen stuck to them and bringing it through the house. Having a pet in such close proximity in the bedroom during the night is likely to make your hayfever worse. If you can, keep your pet out of the bedroom this time of year, or give them a good wash and brush before they enter the room.”

  1. Elevate Your Head

“While there are many different symptoms to hayfever, one of the most common is blocked sinuses. By sleeping with an extra pillow, your head will be elevated and can help decrease nasal congestion.”

  1. Wash Your Bedding Frequently

“It’s going to be difficult keeping pollen out of your bedroom completely, even after closing your window and washing your hair. Washing your bed linen more than normal will also help wash away the additional pollen that’s brought through during the week.”

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