Kurhotel Skodsborg puts a Nordic spin on the sleep retreat

kurhotel skodsborg

Kurhotel Skodsborg, Denmark’s original spa launches a new Sleep Retreat: an overnight stay for frazzled, sleep-deprived guests, designed by sleep expert Lisa Klint of Lehman Partners (based at Kurhotel Skodsborg). 

This bespoke new package is the latest offering from Kurhotel Skodsborg – an award-winning spa hotel first founded as a sanatorium by Dr Carl Ottosen in 1898, which this year celebrates 125 years of traditional Nordic health and wellness. Just outside Copenhagen, nestled between The Sound (the strait which forms the Danish–Swedish border) and the UNESCO heritage nature reserve, Dyrehaven, Kurhotel Skodsborg is the ideal spot to kick those unhealthy sleeping habits, clear the brain fog and beat burnout.  

Taking a cue from Ottensen’s early philosophies based on the fundamental principles for a healthy life – light, air, water, nutrition, exercise and rest – the new Sleep Retreat perfectly encapsulates the holistic approach to health and wellbeing that threads throughout this grande dame hotel. 

Lisa Klint has drawn on her experience as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) coach, forest therapy practitioner and sleep counsellor to create a programme that combines the simplicity and wholesome nature of the Nordic way of life (think: paddle boarding on The Sound, forest bathing in Dyrehaven and the hotel’s signature SaunaGus experience) with an innovative scientific approach to health and wellness.  

The one-night Kurhotel Skodsborg Sleep Retreat includes: 

  • A 60-minute personalised sleep consultation with Lisa Klint looking at the sleep diary you have kept for 14 days prior. This includes personal advice and tips on how to optimize sleep e.g. habit changing, stimulus control and ongoing use of a sleep diary  
  • A further 60-minute small group workshop on circadian rhythm by Lisa Klint 
  • A 90-minute yin yoga class 
  • Access to Kurhotel Skodsborg’s award-winning spa (offering an impressive 16 different cooling and warming experiences) including a sleep-inspired 15-minute full body scrub – infused with seasonal herbs and oils – by a professionally-trained therapist in the spa’s steam bath 
  • An early evening sleep-inducing dinner at Brasserie Carl featuring fibre-rich, easily digestible dishes – with plenty of vitamins and minerals – to calm the body  
  • A turndown service specifically designed for a good night’s kip including a tray of relaxing herbal teas, an eye mask, a weighted duvet and a speaker through which to play guided meditations by Lisa Klint 
  • Breakfast in Brasserie Carl 
  • A 60-minute forest bathing session with Lisa Klint in UNESCO heritage nature reserve, Dyrehaven  
  • A final consultation / farewell with Lisa Klint, reflecting on the learnings of the Sleep Retreat and advice on how to continue optimising sleep pattens and maintaining good sleep practices at home  

The Kurhotel Skodsborg Sleep Retreat starts from DKK 2,950(approx. £339) per night per person and for dates please follow this link. For more information please call +45 4558 5800 or email  

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