Love lounging in bed? You can now get paid for being a cosy consultant

Cosy Consultant

If ‘quiet quitting’ was the workplace trend of 2023, then this year is set to see ‘cosy quitting’ take centre stage. 

That’s because bedding and furniture specialists DUSK is looking for five members of the public to become the brand’s first-ever Cosy Consultants. 

This comes as new research from DUSK finds that more than a third of Brits say their sleep is being negatively impacted by an uncomfortable bed.  

To help, the Cosy Consultants’ role will receive a range of DUSK products to evaluate, from the fluffiness of pillows to the softness of bed sheets.  

The testers’ feedback and thoughts will then be used by DUSK’s team to help them develop even more luxurious products, without the high-end price tag. 

On this new initiative and what will make for an ideal Cosy Consultant, Jade Crooks, Commercial Director at DUSK, explains: 

“Everyone knows how unpleasant it can be to wake up in the morning from a bad night’s sleep, feeling completely unrested and lethargic. And as our research shows, an uncomfortable bed is a key factor that contributes to poor sleep.  

“Our mission at DUSK is to help everyone create a luxurious, quality bedspread at an affordable price. And with our new Cosy Consultants, we’ll be able to hear from the public how to better make this mission a reality – whether we can make our duvets even more snuggly, or if our pillows are perfectly plump.  

“The Cosy Consultants need to be people who truly value their sleep, and want their space to feel cosy, calming, and luxurious. These are the type of people who favour a big night in over a late night out, or who will happily spend their weekends cuddled up in bed, hiding under the covers. 

“What’s more is that if you’re chosen for the role, not only will you receive a range of products, but you’ll also be sent a £150 gift card to spend on any DUSK products you want!” 

To apply to become a Cosy Consultant, all you need to do is fill in this application form on the DUSK website, sharing why you are an expert on all things comfort.  

Applications close on Monday 1st April.  

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