Sealy’s Global Sleep Census reveals a nation in need of more sleep

Global Sleep Census

Sealy, the world’s leading bed and mattress brand, has launched the Global Sleep Census, polling 20,000 people worldwide.

As the world’s largest and most comprehensive online study, the census underscores the essential role of high-quality mattresses, amongst other elements, in achieving restful sleep and improving our overall wellbeing.

Shockingly, 95% of UK respondents revealed they don’t wake up feeling well-rested on most mornings.

Significant gender disparities were also noted, with women in the UK consistently getting 8% less sleep than men each night. More than a third of women also revealed that they regularly have trouble getting to sleep, compared to just a fifth of men.

22% of UK respondents admitted to using a mattress for over 10 years, despite the recommended lifespan of 6-10 years. An outdated mattress can significantly impact sleep quality, revealing again just how crucial it is, to invest in a new one regularly.

Alongside a quality mattress, sleep hygiene is also crucial in encouraging quality sleep night-after-night. However, we’re still allowing bad habits to creep into our routine before bed, negatively impacting sleep. More than 75% of Brits polled have admitted to using a device before bed, which is associated with disruptions to our sleep cycle; reducing both sleep quality and duration. It’s not surprising then, that the more often someone sleeps near their phone, the less likely they are to wake up feeling refreshed.

Sealy customers are the most likely to recommend their mattress brand in the UK, a testament to the trust and satisfaction associated with Sealy products. In fact, Sealy is the most preferred mattress brand in the world, reinforcing its position as a leader in sleep tips and expertise.

Alison Jones, sleep expert at Sealy UK, commented on the findings: “These results shed light on the profound impact that our modern lifestyles have had on sleep quality. It’s concerning to see such high levels of sleep dissatisfaction, especially considering the huge impact it has on our wellbeing.

“Here at Sealy UK, we believe everyone deserves quality sleep. We’ll be using these results to continue to deliver pioneering advice and create state-of-the-art mattresses that empower individuals to make informed choices about their sleep and ultimately live healthier, happier lives.”

These stats highlight the importance of prioritising our sleep by investing in a quality mattress, like those manufactured by Sealy, to improve both the quality and duration of sleep, so we wake up feeling refreshed.

Sealy’s unique mattress technology is designed to provide optimal support that maintains your body’s natural alignment when you rest, backed by decades of research to provide rejuvenated sleep.

For the 95% of UK respondents who don’t wake up feeling refreshed, investing in a world-class Sealy mattress can significantly improve your sleep quality. To find out more, use the mattress selector tool here:

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