Signs It Is Time To Throw Out Your Mattress

buying a new mattress

Is your bed starting to feel more like a thorn in your side than a cosy haven? Snoring more than you are? Or is it simply not pulling its weight anymore? Time to rip off the band-aid and dump it!

Ah, the bed. Once a passionate partner, cradling us in blissful slumber, it witnessed our deepest dreams and anxieties. But like any long-term relationship, the spark can fade. 

And while he may not be a relationship expert, Brian McDaid, from Eagle Dumpster Rental, spoke to us about the main signs it might be time to rekindle the romance with a new sleep sanctuary.

Signs Staring You Right In The Face

Inspecting your mattress for rips, tears, holes, or dust mites is like noticing red flags in a relationship. “They’re hard to ignore”, says Brian. “These imperfections aren’t just uncomfortable, they can harbour allergens and dust mites – the ultimate sleep saboteurs.”

Relationship Weight

Over time, mattresses lose their supportive structure and develop sags or lumps. Brian jokes, “a bit like a relationship that’s lost its spark!” This can mess up your spine’s alignment, leading to back pain and discomfort – definitely not the kind of closeness you want.

Love Hurts

Brian warns, “If you wake up with back, neck, or shoulder pain, your mattress might be the culprit.” 

A supportive mattress should cradle your body and maintain proper spinal alignment, offering the kind of comfort and support a healthy relationship should.

Allergic Reactions

Like an ex that loves to linger, dust mites thrive in old mattresses. Brian said, “Replacing your mattress can significantly reduce exposure to allergens, helping you breathe easier and sleep soundly.”

Tossing & Turning All Night

Are you constantly waking up unrested? “A worn-out mattress can disrupt your sleep cycle and lead to poor sleep,” Brian states. “Imagine the frustration – tossing and turning all night, yearning for the peaceful slumber you once shared with your mattress.”

Breakup Benefits

Don’t be glad it’s over, smile that it happened. Brian left us with this one last piece of sage advice: “Prioritise good sleep hygiene and replacing your mattresses when needed, paving the way for a more energised and fulfilling relationship with yourself and maybe even a new sleep partner!”

And there you have it, sleep-lovers! Don’t settle for a sleep relationship that’s gone stale. Is your mattress more “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” than a cosy haven? If mornings leave you feeling like you just “Can’t Get No Satisfaction”, it’s time to dump your current mattress!

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