You’re using the wrong neck pillow on a plane

Jet-setters are being warned that using the wrong type of neck pillow can lead to neck pain, poor sleep and headaches while travelling.

The experts at Winstons Beds have revealed top tips for finding the right neck pillow to allow for a more comfortable flight.

Many travellers commonly bring neck pillows onto their flight so they can get some much-needed rest on their journey.

However, buying any old neck pillow can make the flight worse, causing discomfort and a lack of sleep.

The experts at Winstons Beds are advising travellers to factor in the firmness and material of a neck pillow before purchasing them to allow for a relaxing fight.

Rebecca Swain, an expert at Winstons Beds, said: “If you’re struggling to sleep on a plane, you’re likely using your neck pillow incorrectly.

“Not all neck pillows are the same, they differ drastically in size, firmness and material.

“Using the one-size-fits-all approach could mean you’ll be in for a long uncomfortable flight without any rest.

“Make sure to test our different pillows beforehand and adjust your sleeping position on the plane to find which works best for you.”

Here’s what to consider when using neck pillows:

  1. Firmness

Pillows which are too soft can often lead to neck pain which may last the entire flight.

A firmer material will help make you feel comfortable and adjust to the bumpiness of a flight. It’ll also provide more support for your neck to reduce any achiness.

  1. Material

The type of material can play a massive factor in aiding comfortable sleep. The standard synthetic material is generally advised against as it can be rough against the skin.

Instead, opt for pillows made of memory foam where the material will naturally mould against your body to allow for a better sleep.

  1. Shape

If the typical ‘U-shaped’ pillows aren’t working for you, newer travel pillows offer different designs for different sleeping positions. Think about the kind of sleeping position you find most comfortable before purchasing your pillow.

Just make sure the pillow isn’t too large and gets in the way of other passengers.

  1. Inflatables

Some neck pillows will come as inflatables, while these can be more convenient, they’re also likely to be less comfortable in comparison to pillows made from memory foam or cotton.

  1. Reviews

If you’re a frequent flyer and thinking about buying a more expensive travel pillow, consider looking at some reviews to see how other people got on with the product.

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