Sleep Expert Reveals Why Your Bedtime Drink Could Be Sabotaging Your Sleep 

As we approach summer, many Brits will be having a cheeky tipple with pals after work or on the weekends to celebrate the long-awaited sunshine.  

However, turns out having an alcohol drink before bed could be more damaging than you think according to sleep expert, Charli Davies, working alongside Get Laid Beds.  

Recent studies show that 80% of adults admitted to drinking alcohol sometimes, with a further 50% drinking alcohol once a week or more. 

Worst drinks to have before bed: 

  1. Coffee  
  1. Energy drinks 
  1. Black or green tea 
  1. Soda 
  1. Alcohol 
  1. Spicy drinks 
  1. Certain herbal teas 
  1. Cola or other dark sodas 
  1. Chocolate milk 
  1. Sports drinks 

Charli Davies, Founder and CEO of Snuzzze said:  

“One of the most common myths about getting a good night’s sleep is that a night cap is beneficial. We have been using alcohol to get to sleep for decades and in some ways, it is beneficial as it can help you get to sleep, however this benefit far outweighs the negative impact a night cap can have on your overall sleep quality and long-term sleep health. 

Bedtime Drink

“In order to get quality sleep, we need to go through all stages of a sleep cycle a number of times.  Through light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. Our bodies and brains need all stages of sleep to repair, recoup and work at its best.  Alcohol takes us directly to deep sleep and missing stages of sleep means the quality of our sleep is drastically reduced.  

“Long term use of alcohol to get to sleep can have even bigger impacts.  Our bodies start to need the alcohol to get to sleep as we can become unable to get deep sleep without it.  

“Another myth that can fuel the use of a night cap is that falling to sleep quickly is the goal for good sleep.  This however is not the case and if you’re falling to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow you are more than likely sleep deprived.  

“It should take around 20 minutes to drift off to sleep and the way to ensure a good night’s sleep?  Get sunlight in the morning, keep hydrated and ensure your bedroom is dark, cool and you have the best mattress and bed for you.   

“In short, ensure your bedroom is a sleep sanctuary and ensure your body is prepped for sleep and this starts first thing in the morning.” 

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