How to stop mosquito bites on holiday

stop mosquito bites

Experts at have shared their bedtime hacks to keep mosquitos away. Mosquito bites can be a nuisance while on holiday, causing itching and in some cases infection.

Popular European holiday destinations such as Spain and Greece are believed to have over 50 mosquito species meaning bites while on holiday are likely.

To keep the insects away, experts advise using lavender before bed and applying some to the body as well as the edges of windows.

They also encourage steering clear of strong, scented perfumes and body lotions as these can attract mosquitoes too.

Rebecca Swain, expert at WinstonsBeds said: “Mosquito bites on holiday can be a real pain but it’s important to remember not to itch them or else they can become infected.

stop mosquito bites

“Mosquitoes are attracted to a range of things that are out of our control such as sweat and blood type.

“However there are a few things you can do to try and deter mosquitos away from your body and your hotel room in general.

“For example, they hate lavender, so it’s definitely worth applying a couple drops of this to your wrists before bedtime.

“Try to keep your room or apartment cool too. Mosquitos are usually drawn to more warmer environments so be sure to make use of air conditioning if you have it available.”

How to stop mosquito bites on holiday:

  1. Avoid strong scents

Mosquitos can be attracted to strong scents so stay away from scented perfumes and lotions before bed. It’s also worth checking the hotel room for any air fresheners.

  1. Keep the room cool

If you have air conditioning available in your accommodation then try to keep the room cool to prevent mosquitoes from entering. They’ll typically be drawn to warmer environments.

  1. Keep the lights off if the windows are open

Mosquitoes are attracted to lights so it’s worth dimming lights or keeping them off if you have any windows open.

  1. Consider long sleeve clothing

You can minimise the risk of being bitten by mosquitos by opting for pyjamas with long sleeves and trousers. Make sure the material is lightweight and breathable to avoid getting too hot in the night.

  1. Use lavender

Mosquitoes hate lavender so it’s worth applying some to your wrists, backs of knees and arms before going to sleep. You can also dab some on  the edges of the windows to prevent them from entering.

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